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Well, ok then.

I totally have nothing new to add.

But here's some Joker-spam anyway.

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x16 icons made from my panel (3rd panel) of
The Batman and the Beast comic
a collaborative effort
[info]sporkninja and myself.
Batman and the Beast kinda stopped happening
because sporky went off and made babies,
so SHOUT if you want me to continue solo.
To see panels 1 and 2 by sporkninja
click here
To see the third panel by me
click here

Use as you please, but if anyone asks - I MADE THEM, NOT YOU!


Some Art

kyriaquinzel  persuaded me to finish this.
I don't like it that much, but maybe you will?

You can go back to fapping now.



Here are your goddamn banners.
Go to the userinfo for codes. Icons some other tiiiiiime.

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Well this isn't exctly Batman/Joker related, but I could see Mr. J wearing this...if he wore Tee-shirts...yeah...


it just screams him...

More lulzy scans

Joker and Batsy sittin in a tree...Collapse )

(If you click on the images, they'll get bigger.)

Happy Batday, Baleman

So apparantly it's the Goddamn Baleman's BIRTHDAY today. A good opportunity to post every single picture of Batbale you have, I think.

Head over to [info]batman_lulz for the best birthday cake I ever saw.

(I don't actually have that many picture of Batbale)