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The Bat-cache

A Glorified Batman Archive

The Cache
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A Glorified Batman Archive

This is THE CACHE. It is a place to post and share anything you have related to BATMAN, any character from the world of Batman and any verse (eg. Nolanverse, Comicverse) from the world of Batman. Even if you’ve got something that has been seen before, chances are someone's missed it. Feel free to share screencaps, icons, fics, music/audio, fan-art... anything at all. Sharing is caring, children.

Important Info
Oddthing #1: gunslingaaahhh (Jill)
Oddthing #2: bramblyhuck (Brams)


Jill’s Rules:
• there are no rules. (Kidding)
• you can share anything you like, just make sure to specify (fic, pics, smut, movie-related, etc)
• any pics that are obnoxiously large should be under a cut, please and thank you.
• if its NSFW, let us know!
• if you got something from somewhere else, you can include a source but it isnt mandatory. Unless theres the chance we could get sued. You know.
• if you post like, artwork? And it isnt yours? Credit the artist. Thanks =)
• please use tags where applicable. It'll help if anyone is looking for anything specific.
• posting of other bat-character actors is allowed, in so far as they are screen caps from other films or something like that. Please do not spam us w/ pap pics of Cillian Murphy and his son getting ice cream or something similar. Cillian Murphy dressed as a woman? Absolutely.
• cosplay: its alright so long as its relevant. And by that I mean it has to be good or decent. Like if you saw some wicked good cosplay and you wanted us to see it, then go for it. But if it looks like something that should go to cosplay_fail, then don't bother haha.

Bram’s Rules:
• I reiterate the TAG rules. No tags, or generally poor tagging, is annoying. Tag, tag, and tag again. Properly. If you forget to tag, just make sure you go back to your post and enter some. I'll probably just get really OCD and do it myself.
• As fellow godulator Jill said, specify the nature of what you are posting - please put it in the TITLE of your post and in the TAGS. So if you are posting TDK screencaps, your title should be TDK/screencaps and your tags should say something like screencaps, TDK, nolanverse.... yeah.
• NO BITCHING. At the Cache, re-posting is not a sin. Posting something that isn't fantastic super special awesome original is not a sin. The Cache is for everything and anything Batman related. The banhammer will come down hard if we deem certain behaviour as bullying.
• I think we all love Heathus and his Joker, but don't forget that this place isn't exclusively TDK Joker related. If you have a fetish for catwoman/penguin/the batmobile... well, bring it.
• Now re-read all of that.

Final Rule!


Fanfiction Recommendation Rules:

Oddthing #1 (Jilldo) has made a law that we can recommend batfictions at The Cache. When you make the post, this what we need to know. These are ALL mandatory.

Title: (duh)
Rating: (the rating that the author gave. If you are recommending your own work and you don’t know how to rate, you can use this system from fanfiction.net)
Orientation: (hetero/slash/bestial...)
Link: (a link to the original post in another comm where you saw it or to an external fic site such as fanfiction.net, or to your journal/another comm where you post if you are recommending your own work)
Brief Description: (your own summary, the authors summary or short extract from the fic itself.)

You must use this format. No questions, it’s the law.

You may post your own work, but you must still use this format. You may also ask for help in looking for a certain batfic you have previously read. If so, describe as much as you can. If no one replies, don’t post the same thing again. No one replied because they probably didn’t know what you were looking for.

• Post the entire fiction. Links only.
• Flame, bitch or spam.
• Make failparties.
• Come here to ask for a beta or to screen your ‘ideas’ for a fic.

If you violate these things, you will be banhammered. No questions, no sympathy. Just don’t be stupid and you’ll be fine.

If you want to ask questions please go to the original post by Jilldo here


Here are banners for you to take, paste in your own userinfo and use to whore at other comms or other peoples' journals. Take the code from underneath the images, BE SURE TO REMOVE THE ASTERIXES FROM THE CODE

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