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TJB day!

One more after this, guys!

Happy TJB Day!

Presenting episode 15 for your amusement... or... you know, whatever.

Remember this?

This is part two... and uh, yeah. Weird.

Well... no weirder than the other ones, i suppose :|


Chris Nolan revealed the superhero movie was in the beginning stages of creation while in an interview with the New York Times, following rumours his brother Jonah and David Goyerm were working on the script.

Discussing Jeff Robinov, the Warner Brothers president, 'The Dark Knight' director Chris said: "He is trying not to cling to the things that have worked in the past."

As yet no casting details have been confirmed, and it is unknown if Christian Bale will return as the caped superhero.

However, it has previously been revealed Chris would play a mentoring role on the next Superman movie, although he will not direct it.

In addition to a third Batman instalment, which could be released as early as 2011, there is also plans to shoot a Wonder Woman film.


Oh my god, he killed Kopski!

Latest installment of The Joker Blogs is up, kiddies! It's a good one ;)

Oh hey

Christmas came early, kiddies!

This wasnt sposed to be released until the 25th... buttttt Mr J got impatient! So here we go. I hope everyone else has a nice holiday!

Dinner time! Come and get it!

After everything thats transpired, I still think its super awkward that Lyle had to sit through all of this completely naked.

Enjoy, children.

Oh! And don't forget to do the tasks ;)

New vid and TJB Halloween Task!

Newest TJB video (late as per usual; damn and I was doing so well, too!):

Annndddddd instructions for the Halloweiner task if you guys are interested:

So here's the Halloween Task for The Joker Blogs. You'll have to click the link to see the special announcement about the new TJB episode and Halloween Special!

Happy Halloween Minions!

Mister J has a Special Holiday Task for you maniacs to perform on Saturday night. What you’ll need for this Task are:
One (or more if you feel like it) Wanted Poster

  • Your index cards

  • Your RED, GREEN, and BLACK Sharpies

  • First off, the index cards will need to be made.

On the index cards, the following information needs to be clearly written:


  • http://www.youtube.com/TheJokerBlogs

  • http://www.thejokerblogs.com

This information can be written out in any colour combination you please. You need to include at least one Joker smiley face. You may also Jokerize your index cards, but it’s not necessary (even though Mister J would be amused if you did). Here’s an example:


HA HA HA HA! You'll have to click to read more!

Happy TJB Day!

He's so fresh ;) don't forget to do the tasks, bitches!

Do not eat that donut! It has been touched by a pig, and now you will get the swine! D=

Someone sounds a little pissy. Maybe he missed his nap? SOMEONE PICK HIM UP, for the love of God.


you complete me.
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